You might remember Tango from a few months ago – a stray boy un-neutered and unchipped who arrived in a very sorry state. His fostermum has lavished him with TLC for months and he’s now loving life.
“Tango is my little hero, guardian and all round super charmer.
He is quite literally the bravest cat I have ever met, he came to me with FIV, FeLV and diabetes and, at one point, he was having fortnightly and sometimes weekly vet visits, but he took all of that in his stride, stubborn enough not to worry and soppy enough to allow all the necessary vet work.
He once came back from the vets with his cat carrier labelled Tango and a massive heart. He had a ‘careful he swipes’ marked up on his vet notes, apparently after cuddles and attention at the vets and his kennel being closed he’d stick his paws out and ask for more…
He likes to follow me around, he sits with me all day and meows for his food and knows exactly how to manipulate me.  He has the biggest cutest eyes that are hard to say no to. I think he needs a person to attach to, he’s a bit scared of my partner but does accept fuss from him, in fact I think he is a little nervous generally but hadn’t noticed because he’s so confident with me. He sits on my lap and he does that all day when I’m working from home…He does the nose boop, slow blink, I think they’re hello meows and greetings and he’s just pretty much begged to sit on my lap whilst I write this.
Oh almost forgot he’s got massive feet and big fat tom cat chubby cheeks!”
And now for the serious stuff:
Tango is no longer diabetic but needs to be fed diabetic food to prevent him becoming diabetic again – BWCR can help with the cost of this.
FIV is not really anything to worry about – most cats live normal lives.
FeLV however is life-limiting and we have no idea how long Tango may have. Our last FeLV kitty lived 6 years so we hope Tango is the same.
BWCR will fund any treatments needed for Tango (at our Bristol vets) so we want adopters who will work with us to keep him as happy and healthy for as long as possible.  He’s had a rough time on the streets and deserves all the love in the world now.
Neutered and chipped.



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