How do you solve a problem like Susie?

Susie is a 5 year old super floof who is pretty, funny and can be very sweet. She loves to ride on your shoulder or drink from your glass and she will often trot round after her foster mum at the weekends overseeing her doing chores – she especially loves to “help” foster mum make the bed. On the flip side of this, Susie has attachment and jealousy issues and can be grumpy when she doesn’t get her own way – she will growl at the cat flap until you open the back door for her for example. She has been rehomed with a couple as an only cat but had to be returned as she lashed out a few times but she was ok when only one of them was around. She has settled back into foster just fine and is living with foster mum and her 4 friendly boy cats. She will have the odd hiss at the other cats (especially the kittens as they dart passed her playing games) but other times she will kiss them – she’s a real diva!! Issues aside, she is fairly easy to look after, eating mainly cat biscuits with the odd small meal of wet food, she uses the litter tray fine and loves a box to sleep in – and if it’s a bit too small for her or has the ironing in it, even better.

Because of her past behaviour, we are looking for someone who is very cat confident and who can give her routine and discipline. She is probably best with one human but she could be rehomed with other cats provided they are easy going and there is room for them to all have their own space. She does like to go outside but doesn’t go far and will repel all feline intruders from ‘her’ garden 😂

If you are interested in meeting Susie, please contact us. She is neutered, chipped and up to date with her vaccinations.


We’re really pleased that you’d like to proceed with an adoption application. Before you fill out the form below, please make sure you’ve read our Adopt page so that you are familiar with our process.

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