Squeak has lived a sheltered life in a flat so just needs to learn how to cat now! He gives mixed messages with some hissing at new things but he doesn’t mean anything by it. He bullied his brother so needs to be an only puss now and he would love the chance to go outdoors and burn off some energy. He’s never lived with children but older cat-savvy ones should be ok.

“Squeak is a lovely 2 year old boy. We didn’t see him for his first few days with us, he was hiding under furniture and hissed every time we came near. He came out in his own time and was immediately extremely affectionate (some might say needy!) He demands a lot of scratches and rubs, but rewards you with lots of purring, kneading and hand licking for his human slaves.

We’ve had to be quite strict with him at night, as he would appear to get lonely, meows a lot and hops on and off of our bed. Whilst he is very affectionate and craves company, he can also be quite a Jekyll and Hyde cat. Often hissing when you enter the room. He never holds a grudge though and is purring or meowing away moments later. He seems to be doing this less often though, as he gets more familiar and trusting of us.
He is very inquisitive and loves playing with his rod toy and chasing the laser pen. Often chasing and jumping, to the extent where he is panting like a dog. He has LOTS of energy”.

Neutered, chipped, had first vaccination plus comes with 5 weeks free insurance.

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