Spongey short for Victoria Sponge Cake

Spongey short for Victoria Sponge Cake

Spongey is lovely.

She can be super affectionate, she meyowls at the door to greet me when I come home from work. She jumps on me at night and cuddles in. She Sometimes wonders about with a toy mouse at about 6 in the morning, yowling her head off only to come visit me in bed, if i call her to find out what the meyowls are about, and then gives me the toy mouse as a present.She has the softest thick black fur and occasionally will roll over to reveal a white patch on her belly that looks a bit like a bikini.

She likes to be near too and follows me about the house telling me all about what’s been happening.

She has the sweetest chirrup when I fuss her..

Ideally would like her to have a home where someone is about, she doesn’t like other cats but does like people.

She can get exacerbated with too much fuss, but has been a lot better the longer she’s been with me and now the cat buddy she came in with has gone. They didn’t like each other.





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