Soxx and Sampson

Soxx and Sampson

Found outside as kittens, now living and loving the good life!!

“This adorable pair of kittens are looking for their forever home! 4 month old brothers Soxx (b&w) and Sampson (tabby) are the cheekiest, most wonderfully curious boys who have given their foster parents so many laughs in the time they’ve been here. They both absolutely love playtime and it’s so much fun to watch them chase their wand toys and go wild for their cat springs. If you want to get a bit creative they also love makeshift pillow forts and paper bag ambushes! Soxx is the more confident of the two, he goes all in at playtime – it’s amazing to watch him leap and tumble! Sampson is a little more hesitant but we think he’s going to grow into a really smart boy, you can see him working things out, carefully considering his toys before he pounces. They absolutely love to chase and wrestle with each other, taking it in turns to be the “prey” and then ending their “hunts” with a mutual grooming session!
These playful beans were a little undersocialised when they came to us, so they aren’t the type to hang out in your lap, but they have made great progress, enjoying a good fuss while purring like little tractors, so a patient forever family will surely be able to bring out their affectionate side. We’ve noticed that they have started to only want to spend time in whatever room we are in, which is so sweet, especially since it means we get to watch them play together while we watch tv 🤣 As you have probably guessed, these two have an iron clad bond, so they must be taken together as they are the best of friends.”
A garden away from busy roads is a must for these two. No other pets and older children only.
Chipped, had first vaccination plus come with 5 weeks free insurance.

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