Saffie & Nala

Saffie & Nala

Saffie and Nala 💜
Two more beautiful cats looking for a lovely new home. It’s been a heartbreaking decision for their owners but, sadly, one is so allergic that she can’t even be in the same room with them any more.

“Saffie, a 8 year old TICA registered Bengal. She’s very unusual in colour (golden) and temperament – not the crazy hyperactive typical Bengal – I’d describe her as very low maintenance for a Bengal…medium maintenance for a cat.
We rescued her several years ago as an ex-queen who’d been spayed and was severely bullied by the other queens in the house. The breeders she was with had,in turn, rescued her from irresponsible breeders who’d abused her as a kitten. Saffie’s first reaction to everything is to run and hide, and she can be a bit anxious and timid. Even when frightened or being made to do something she doesn’t want to (like cutting her nails), she’s never, ever, aggressive.
She’s whip-smart but would never admit to it. Loves lounging, bird watching, showing the impressive array of vocalisations she can make, and curling next to you for a stroke once you’ve earned her trust.

Nala is a 4 year old TICA registered Australian Mist. They’re super rare here in the UK, and we got her as a kitten to bring Saffie out of her shell. It was a huge success! Nala is thick as two short planks, superfriendly, and superchill. She amazing with our kids, allowing the 2 year old to chase her around and collapse on top of her for massive snuggles. She absolutely adores cuddles. She’ll even stand and put her arms up in the air to be picked up! We’ve had many friends remark on how they’ve never seen a better-looking cat than Saffie, but it’s Nala who converts the cat-haters!

Neither are the least bit aggressive. Both are neutered, no underlying health conditions we know of, and have been house cats up until about a year ago when we decided to let them roam and sunbathe in our garden (but no further).”

Nala and Saffie need to stay together with time for Saffie to settle and a supersafe location away from busy roads or maybe a catio or similar to keep them safe.
Nala is good with children but Saffie is more timid so we’ll pass all suitable applications to the owners as they know their cats best 🙂
Neutered, chipped, starting their vaccinations plus come with 5 weeks free insurance.

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