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Next is Senor Rupert from Spain 💜
“He’s a very loving cat.  He likes nothing more than a snooze on your lap and loves all the attention you can give him.  He requires regular brushing and I have cut out the matted parts of fur he previously had.  Occasionally you will need to use some cooled boiled water to clean around his eyes as he sometimes misses his face when grooming and this will cause a build up of sleepies.
 He doesn’t show much interest in wet food but will eat a good bowl of dry food every day.  He is very sedentary so would make a great pet for someone who may be older and wishes for company.  He has not scratched or bitten me or anyone else at all but he is spooked by loud noises so he needs a quieter adult-only home as the only pet.  He originated from Spain and  they performed a vasectomy so although he does still have his ‘trouble nuggets’ he is infertile!
He’s used to going outside and lived in a rural area so needs a garden away from busy roads and someone prepared to groom him every day”.
5 yrs old, neutered, chipped, vaccinated plus comes with 5 weeks free insurance.

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