Pudsey the bearcat 💜

We were called by a vets in Newport to help with this stray boy, hit by a car. His ear is fine but no-one knows why it looks like that!

Meet the very dapper Pudsey! We think he is 4-5 years old and he came into our care after an RTA which led to the amputation of his right back leg. He has recovered well and is doing brilliantly on the remaining 3 legs – 3 weeks after his amputation he was managing the stairs just fine. He loves to play with a cat nip toy and loves his treats – although as far as he is concerned he never gets as many as he would like. Mean Foster Mummy has tried to tell him he needs to maintain a stable weight so he will be ok on 3 legs but Pudsey doesn’t agree. He can be a bit grumpy, this might improve when he can go outside and feel like he has some independence and he will need a safe garden that is suitable for his needs. He does like a bit of a chat and a fuss although he isn’t crazy about his folded over ear being touched. Whilst not a lap cat he will be happy snoozing on the sofa next to you of an evening – how close he sits depends on whether you give him a bit of your dinner or not!

An adult-only home with no other pets would suit him just fine.
Neutered, chipped, vaccinated plus comes with 5 weeks free insurance.
*** If you’re interested please mail us at [email protected] ***


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