Princess & Tux

Princess & Tux

They are an odd couple but they are getting along SO much better now that Princess has stopped living under the sofa and Tux is growing up fast and getting some manners. They sleep together, travel in the cat carrier together, groom each other and keep each other company if you are out. They have a few fights too but nothing serious and Princess can stand her own.

They were house cats before but now they have access to the garden which they love. Tux has only just ventured into next doors garden so quite a sweet gentle pair who are a bit naive of the local tom cat and still discovering butterflies and bugs.

Princess is 100% lap cat. She’s always hanging around the sofa waiting for cuddles and belly rubs.
She really loves Dreamies and swallows them whole! Tux eats and eats! We have to feed Princess away from him so she has a chance before he finishes off her dinner too. He’s very playful as you would expect for 10 months but not a lap cat yet. He does like to cuddle up when you are in bed and he is very affectionate and will give you lots of attention (sometimes too much!) And wake you up in the morning for breakfast with nose kisses.
Both of them are loving and gentle but will be shy at first with new people. It took Princess longer than most cats to feel at home and she is undemanding and quiet (her requests are made by silent staring). My friends 7 year old was able to play with Tux for a few minutes but Princess was fairly terrified but was bribed by Dreamies to be visible. Tux can hear a Dreamies bag open from miles!

Tux has a distinctive purr and always ready to play a game with you. He amuses himself too and the house is scattered with his toys…..he will ask to go out but both havent mastered the cat flap yet. He’s definitely a mummys boy….he doesn’t like to be far away from me whilst Princess is more likely to be on Dick and watching TV with him.

You can pick them up and cuddle them, it’s obvious they have been loved.
Neutered, chipped, had first vaccinations plus come with 5 weeks free insurance.

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