A quiet home needed for a project puss; Portia
Portia came to us from Bristol ARC during lockdown as she was struggling in a kennel environment and very timid.

“She’s making (slow) progress but unfortunately still not keen to have any kind of physical contact and can’t be touched at all – she moves away if you get within about a foot of her, and can hiss or lash out if she feels threatened sadly.

Other than that, she seems happy -she’s very inquisitive and playful and we have a dangly feathered toy which she is absolutely obsessed with and will happily play with for hours with me. I sometimes manage to stroke her a little bit with the wand from the toy while we’re playing, though she’s not very keen, and she’ll occasionally have a quick sniff of my hand if I reach it out to her but that’s about it. But generally she’s getting a little bit more relaxed and likes being around me even if not up for being touched yet.. ”
Fostermum has said she thinks Portia might quite like a garden to explore.

Portia needs a patient owner to win her over- she will get there eventually! A quiet adult-only home with no other pets would suit her along with an endless supply of feathery toys!
Neutered, chipped, vaccinated plus comes with 5 weeks free insurance.
If you’re interested please mail us at [email protected]

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