Poppy is a beautiful long-haired, all-black cat with striking green eyes.
Poppy needs to live with patient people who can give her space and let her get comfortable at her own pace. She would suit living in a quiet, relaxed, child- and pet-free house with access to the outdoors, away from busy roads, and a steady routine.
She spends a lot of time upstairs, either under the bed or sitting at the top of the stairs – sometimes she’ll come halfway down and peek through the bannisters to see what we’re up to. She has this fun little quirk of sitting with her back legs on one stair and standing with her front legs on the one below!
Poppy also spends a lot of time looking out of the window and really really wants to get outside, which she hasn’t been able to do while she’s been fostered – perhaps when she lives with people that can gently introduce her to a safe garden she’ll generally feel more relaxed.
Poppy is a sociable cat, in short bursts and when she feels like it! She likes to be fussed over for a few minutes at a time, until she’s had enough. Every morning after her breakfast she jumps up onto the bed for five minutes of strokes and chats. During the day she’ll pop in to see you every few hours. In the evenings she’ll come down to use the litter tray, have a bite to eat and say hello, before taking herself off to where she feels safest, and every night around 10.30 she pops into the living room for a chat, some Dreamies and a play before bed. Then she flumps down in the doorway, in the room with us, but not close another to touch.
She gets a bit spooked by legs & feet, and loud noises, so she prefers it if you approach her gently and at her level. As she gets comfortable you’ll find she gets more chatty and purry. She is getting more playful as she relaxes and enjoys a bit of play hunting.
6 yrs old, neutered,  chipped,  vaccinated plus comes with 5 weeks free insurance.

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