Petite Polly is a pint-sized feline looking for a quiet, stable home. Picked up as a stray, she’s slowly adjusting to home comforts and with a bit of patience (and bribery with treats), she has turned into a trusting, affectionate cat. She’s not a lap cat and isn’t too keen on being handled, but once she is confident she will creep out and give you a several head bump.
She’s slowly finding her voice, tending to give off a quiet “brrppp” rather than a meow, but she will give a little meow when it comes to feeding time. She’s a shy little girl, and is definitely a scaredy cat! She’s scared – or indifferent- to most toys, but she likes a little play with the laser pointer. Typical tortie attitude , she will just ignore any toys or plaything if she doesn’t fancy it. She isn’t too sure on the proper way to behave, and will bat your hand or give it a nibble occasionally – this seems to be a sign of affection though.
As Polly is shy, she would suit a quiet, adult only home with access to a garden.

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