Lovely Pip is such a dream to have around. From the day he arrived, he has made himself right at home. His routine involves waking us up for cuddles before breakfast and then eating, following the sunny spots around and sleeping (including sleeping on the bed with/on us). He’s not the most athletic of cats, we’ve tried a few toys to a lackluster response. Once a day he does like a mad game of chase the shoelace (he is totally unimpressed by the laser pointer) and he will go crazy for a bit of catnip. He’s incredibly relaxed and never lashes out, he’s even been known to stay asleep on the sofa when the hoover is running.

Not one for small talk, Pip only really miaows once or twice a day to let us know when he thinks it’s mealtime or he wants some attention. We have found that he can be a bit of a guzzle guts so we can’t put out too much food for him at any one time.

He had some issues with his right eye which were dealt with by the vet before he came to us but it seems to be stable and not causing him any discomfort. Pip is FIV+ which means he is on permanent indoor-only lockdown so he doesn’t infect other cats or pick up any illnesses.


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