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Ollie is approximately 7 years old, but has the energy levels of a much younger cat! He will chase string or feathers on a stick for hours, and is desperate to go outside and burn off some of his energy chasing anything that moves (including quite often his own tail!). He also loves snoozing in the sunshine, and so would love a new home with a safe garden away from busy roads. He LOVES his food – his new owners will need to be quite strict about how much he is given to eat as he will completely convince you he is starving only an hour or so after he has emptied his food bowl! He will spend AGES batting around his treat toys to get to his beloved Dreamies, and will come running at the sound of any rustling packet! He was used to being fed titbits of human food regularly by his previous owner, and so anything vaguely appetising to a cat will need to kept under lock and key to avoid Ollie from trying to eat it. But the occasional morsel of tuna or chicken (or pretty much any meat!) as a treat will elicit a volley of purrs.

Ollie is sometimes a lap cat, but is also happy a lot of the time to curl up on a chair in the same room as you, or on the bottom of the bed whilst you sleep. He is definitely a laptop cat though…be prepared for working from home to be somewhat hampered by Ollie sitting on the keys, or sprawling across your laptop in the middle of a Zoom call! He loves having his head rubbed and his chin scratched, but will sometimes gently put a paw up to tell you he has had enough – not usually with claws though. For this reason, and because he can get a bit over-excited when playing, he would like a home with older children. He does not get on with other cats though, so will need to be an only puss.

Ollie’s history: Ollie turned up as a stray a few years ago in a bit of a sorry state – he had a skin condition which had obviously not been treated for a while as his entire shoulders and neck were a scabby mass. His previous owner took him in and doted on him, but Ollie was still having to have regular steroid injections when his skin condition flared up. Unfortunately his previous owner died a few months ago, and so Ollie was brought to us. The loss of his loving owner and the upheaval of the move into foster brought on a bout of stress cystitis, but that soon cleared up once he had had a bit of time to settle in to his new surroundings and was being fed only wet food. This wet-food only diet will need to be continued by his new owners to reduce the risk of further flare ups of cystitis. His skin condition is now being managed with steroid tablets, which he gobbles up happily – there is no problem getting him to take one every other day.
The tablets will probably need to be life-long and BWCR are happy to fund the cost of these at Fernlea vets (Kingswood or Hanham). They’re actually very cheap but, being prescription drugs, Ollie will need to see a vet – usually every 6 months.

Ollie is chipped, neutered and up-to-date with his vaccinations and comes with 5 weeks free insurance.

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