Ollie & Oscar & Olive

Ollie & Oscar & Olive

Ollie, Oscar and Olive 💜💜💜
More beautiful kitties we trapped and saved -they were living in a large colony with no food supplied but their “people” thought it was OK to be over run with moggies where the kittens regularly just “disappeared” 🙄 We’ve trapped,neutered and relocated the feral adults too so they’re all safe now.

These kitties are timid and will need time to settle in a quiet adult-only home.
They love each other so, ideally, we’d like them to stay together but if that’s not possible then Ollie can go singly but *must* have a young feline friend in his new home.

Ollie is a sleek black handsome boy (about 7-9 months) with a little tuft of white on his chest. He is a bit of a greedy boy, perhaps the most food-oriented kitty I have ever met! Food is a great way to bond with him and build trust. He loves to be near you, and has very recently graduated to being a lap kitty who can sit and enjoy belly rubs all afternoon. He especially likes to show his affection with licking – he loves licking us, and can contentedly lick his foster siblings for extensive periods of time. He’s a curious explorer who enjoys chasing string, toys, and toes under blankets. He has a unique but vigorous purr, which comes out with cuddles, food, and even when he’s just lying around!

Oscar is a fluffy black and white kitty of about 4 months old and is a very curious boy. He loves to be wherever anything interesting is happening! Some of his favourite activities are basking in the sun, falling off of sofas, and big luxurious stretches. He is luxuriously soft and well-groomed; he’s a meticulous cleaner who loves a good after-dinner groom. Oscar is still very skittish and easily startled, but once he gets used to you he’ll want to sit on or near you all the time. He’s almost always just an arm’s reach away, and has a beautiful, relaxing purr. He also gets excited about food and tries to convince us he hasn’t been fed shortly after each meal time!

Olive is Oscar’s sister, a motherly black and white furball. Olive is the most shy of the three, but perversely, also the most affectionate. She’s still very skittish and will take a little while to warm up to you, but then she loves her cuddles and is a soft and luxurious baby as well! She will sometimes end up sitting and purring away in your lap for long periods – with a bit of patience, she may well become a true lap cat. Olive is also a playful kitty. When she gets her eye on some dangling string, she completely forgets about being shy!
All vaccinated, being neutered and chipped soon plus come with 5 weeks free insurance.

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