Obi wan

Obi Wan is a gorgeous mature boy who unfortunately had to be surrendered due to his parents’ relocation abroad. This white pawed tabby has an adorable wonky ear and comes with a built-in disapproving look on his cute face. He is a bit vocal when it comes to food, an intensive purrer when petted and a sweet/discreet alarm clock in the mornings.

Obi is not a lap cat but enjoys sitting on the sofa next to you when you watch TV, will chill by your chair if you work from home and sleep under your bed when you are around- of course all doors must be kept open! He is not a massive player but will occasionally attack his favourite catnip-stuffed mouse toy.

This boy prefers wet food, but will never turn down small dry treats and crunchies. He would enjoy a garden away from busy roads, to explore when not sleeping and has lived happily with other cats. He would also do well with older children that respect his lifestyle.

Obi is about 9 years old, neutered, chipped, vaccinated and has recently had a dental.


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    8-9 years



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