Mr Naga

Handsome high energy boi! 💜

Mr Naga is named after a hot chilli, but his personality isn’t particularly spicy! He definitely enjoys some fuss and attention with lots of purring. He’s strikingly handsome with beautiful markings thank to his Bengal mix heritage.

His previous owners reported him disappearing for weeks on end, so it’s very important his new home appreciates that as a part-Bengal cat in the prime of his life, Naga has lots of energy to burn. He needs to live somewhere with a decent amount of safe outdoor space to roam, but I also recommend lots of play for bonding (and tiring him out!). He absolutely LOVES chasing feathers on the end of the “fishing rod” style toys. It’s definitely a good way to channel Naga’s hunting energy. On days when I’ve not given him playtime, he can get a little over excited and give your toes or fingers a light chomp.

Although not a “lap cat”, Naga likes human company – he normally sleeps on the bed tucked up by my feet, and curls up next to me on the sofa – and will also come and pester me for strokes pretty often.

Naga apparently wasn’t too keen on the young children in his last household, but I think he would be fine with older kids as long as they understand his boundaries (and are willing to pick up a toy and play!). Probably best if he is the only cat though.

He’ll be 6 in May and is neutered, chipped, vaccinated plus comes with 5 weeks free insurance.

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