Moon Cake Mischief Maker

Moon Cake Mischief Maker

Mooncake Mischief Maker 💜

Mooncake is very cute and full of personality. Incredibly curious and adventurous, she will investigate any noise in the house and may decide to ambush your ankles if you pass her latest hiding place (currently under my chair!). This is purely playful and not aggressive, but for this reason she wouldn’t be suitable with young children or other pets – older children with experience of cats and their boundaries would be fine.
Although not what I’d call a “lap cat”, Moonie likes to be in the same room as you and can be very affectionate once she’s worn out from chasing feathers or tearing up a cardboard box! If you let her on the bed, she drools when she purrs and will knead your blankets until she finds the perfect place to settle.
 She currently burns off energy chasing toys up and down the stairs, so it will be fantastic for her to have the chance to run around in a safe garden away from busy roads. We have had to work hard to get her completely litter trained, and she’s still quite particular about certain surfaces to do her solid business, so it’s important to ensure she has a choice of trays and an owner with some time to monitor her habits. Once she has the chance to dig in a garden I’m sure this issue will become a long forgotten issue.
Neutered,  chipped,  vaccinated plus comes with 5 weeks free insurance.

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