Missy momma cat looking for some spoiling 💜

When Missy arrived as a stray from Wales we had no idea she was carrying some precious cargo – 3 kittens later, she’s so over being a milk bar and just wants a lovely home of her own.
“She came to us quite shy and spent a few days hiding behind the sofa, but then settled in quickly. She absolutely craves attention, loves face scratches (especially under the chin) and being brushed is her favourite thing! She was definitely more relaxed before the kittens arrived, and now I think she is just desperate for a quiet life again, and to be the one getting all the attention! She is a great work from home companion, and loves to be near me/sprawled across my desk…she’s used to being outdoors, and is very keen to get back outside again so needs a garden, away from busy roads,  to explore. She can be a talkative girl when she wants food or strokes!
She needs a peaceful home with no young children, and definitely needs to be the only cat.”
About 2 yrs old and being vaccinated,  neutered and chipped in about 2 weeks time plus comes with 5 weeks free insurance.

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