We’re after a very special, experienced home for this stunning but feisty young lady.

Little Maddie is still less than a year old. She came to us from a family with a number of small children, and she would seem to have had quite a hard time with them – on arrival, she was displaying a lot of aggression: growling, hissing, swearing and lashing out if anyone trespassed into her personal space.

Her foster mum spotted a desperate craving for affection behind all the posturing though, and only a couple of weeks later, you’d barely recognise her.  Thanks to quiet, calm and consistent treatment, a refusal to back down when she lashed out, a solid and clear routine, Feliway, catnip, and gauntlets (!), she’s now an affectionate, purring and playful little girl – *most of the time*.

She is still very much a project cat who will need continued patience, kindness and consistency, but we feel she needs her forever humans sooner rather than later, so that she builds a bond with them rather than with her fosterer.

Because of her prior behaviour, her new home MUST meet the following criteria (for her own good and for yours!):
– No children of primary age or younger.
– Quiet, stable home with a clear routine.
– Safe outside space where she is unlikely to come across too many people – she WILL go up for a fuss, and MAY lash out if they overstep the mark, which won’t be popular!
– Someone who understands and is willing to tolerate that she may turn unexpectedly if something upsets her, at least in the short term; someone who doesn’t mind needing the odd plaster and antiseptic treatment in the pursuit of what will be an absolute gem of a cat, given the right investment.
– She’s also likely to be something of a hunter, so someone that doesn’t mind too much having to rescue furry presents in future.

In her favour, she has lived with a dog, so a cat-accustomed dog that won’t spook her should be OK, and she should be OK with a calm, confident, friendly cat, as she retreated when her foster’s cats encountered her and were quite rude to her. Ideally though, a home with no other pets would be perfect for her.

Maddie comes fully vaccinated, microchipped, neutered, and with 5 weeks’ free insurance. Gauntlets not included, but her fosterer can recommend an excellent supplier!
Fostered in Chippenham.


We’re really pleased that you’d like to proceed with an adoption application. Before you fill out the form below, please make sure you’ve read our Adopt page so that you are familiar with our process.

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