Lykoi Sidney (Ratty to his friends!)

Lykoi Sidney (Ratty to his friends!)

Meet our lovely Lykoi Sidney  (Ratty to his friends!)
He was found un-neutered living with a feral colony in Wales and caused great consternation at the vets due to his appearance 😂 He was treated for ringworm and had skin biopsies and everything was negative and it turns out he just has the same gene mutation as the Lykoi breed which means he has no undercoat and can moult to near baldness as his hair follicles don't work properly.
He's about 3 and a super cat – intelligent, vocal, playful and mad as a box of frogs – everyone loves him.
Unfortunately Ratty is a persistent carrier of coronavirus.
This is a nasty virus that many cats are exposed to through other cats' faeces and often causes no symptoms, or a mild diarrhoea or upper respiratory infection, on initial contact that you may not even notice. However, once within the cat, the virus mutates. It generally has three outcomes in an adult cat:
1 It mutates into another harmless form and the cat eliminates it but can be reinfected if it meets the virus again.
2 It mutates into a harmless form but the cat doesn't eliminate it and becomes a persistent carrier like Ratty. These cats will intermittently shed the virus so are infectious to other cats.
3 In a small percentage of unfortunate cats it mutates into the form that causes FIP (Feline Infectious Peritonitis) which is always fatal.
Stress can be a tipping factor as it supresses the immune system so we were worried about moving Rattycat just in case – would the virus mutate again?
Google this time wasn't our friend so we spoke to the experts at Glasgow Veterinary School who have studied FIP for decades and the good news is that Ratty is highly unlikely to mutate and it's safe to find him a new home. So after 18 months in foster keeping him stress-free and monitoring his virus levels our boy can finally pack his bags 🙂
He's desperate to be outside so definitely needs a garden away from busy roads, must ALWAYS be the only cat in the household and in an area where there are not too many other cats as he will shed the virus from time to time and could potentially infect others.
Neutered,  chipped and will be restarting his vaccs asap – we couldn't vacc him before as that is a stressor too – he's been a bit of a project and we will miss him!

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