Today we have an older lady looking for a quiet home though she does like dogs! 💜

“Lucy (I call her Lulu) is 12 years old with a very cute face and loads of sass. Although she’s an older cat who does sleep a lot, she has plenty of energy.

I think Lucy had a tough time before coming to me with her long term owners going into care, and has been slow to build up trust. From day one she enjoyed a head scratch, but also values her own space. Recently she has occasionally started snuggling on my legs on the sofa, so she may eventually become much more cuddly. She will let you know when she’s had enough attention, but she’s all mouth and has never really lashed out.

Lulu loves chasing a string and really reacts to catnip toys. She spends time looking out of the window so would be excited to explore a safe garden away from busy roads.

I would recommend Lulu lives in a peaceful adult only household as a solo cat. She could suit someone that goes out to work as she is fine with her independence as long as she’s got a bowl of biscuits to snack on. Lulu grew up with German Shepherds she apparently adored, so would probably be OK living with a gentle dog friend.”

Neutered, chipped, vaccinated, had a dental plus comes with 5 weeks free insurance.

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