A special home needed for a special boy 💜
Just before Louie turned 1 he was hit by a car and miraculously survived 25-30 skull fractures and multiple surgeries. Today Louie is a gentle healthy 6-year-old who is full of life, curiosity and love.
One eye, no teeth and permanent “Tongue out Tuesday” candidacy just enhancing his cheeky personality!
He often joins my work calls by climbing onto my lap wanting cuddles, winning my colleagues over while lovingly staring at me. He is just one big loving cuddlebug.
Visitors we like as that means more attention and extra hands to give cuddles.
Personal space does not exist in Louie’s world; he will have your pillow and be as close to you as possible.
Louie loves to cuddle, sleep, play and explore. And food! He would love to help eating your food so you need to keep an eye on edibles as he can only eat pate or mousse type food as he’s unable to chew.
There’s no hiding the fact – he is a messy eater! He has 3 meals a day and needs his face wiping each time otherwise he proceeds to groom himself and flick food everywhere.
In his previous home he could come and go as he pleased through the cat flap, and did his business in the outside world. While in foster care he has been using a litter tray and he likes the litter tray to be clean so having two until he can go outside would probably be a good idea. He’s a fastidious little man and likes to be clean, he just needs a little help now 🙂
Louie needs a home that understands he needs a little extra help and the willingness to provide it. Adult-only and no other pets would be best to avoid him eating food he shouldn’t and a garden away from busy roads as he’s had more than enough of cars!
Neutered, chipped, vaccinated plus comes with 5 weeks free insurance. He has no ongoing medical issues from his accident.

We’re really pleased that you’d like to proceed with an adoption application. Before you fill out the form below, please make sure you’ve read our Adopt page so that you are familiar with our process.

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