Lilly & Jazzy

Lilly & Jazzy

Lilly is a long-haired grey, white with a tinge of red in her fur cat. She loves sitting outside on the trampoline during the day but late afternoon she comes back inside and likes to sit close to you – either on lap or top of the sofa or sometimes just likes chilling out on the floor. She loves company, and purrs and meows a lot when you talk to her. She will only eat biscuits (never wet food in pouches/tins etc). She particularly likes ‘Iams’ senior biscuits or Purina .. she also goes crazy meowing if you open a tin of tuna around her as she LOVES tuna, so I give this to her sometimes as a treat. She is also very partial to a spot of ham!. Although Lilly is affectionate and loves a stroke, sometimes if you touch her around the back she does occasionally turn around and playfully bite you or pat you with her paw (only gently, she’s never been close to drawing blood but just thought I would mention it). Also, she’s not massively keen on being picked up…

Jazzy is a long-haired black cat with a tinge of ginger in her fur. She is a complete softy and loves being picked up, snuggled and stroked/brushed. During the day/night she tends to stay indoors and loves sitting on window ledges, beds and on the floor. She generally only eats wet food (tins and pouches) she generally seems to prefer stuff in jelly (not so keen on stuff in gravy) she will come and find you to meow at if she’s hungry. She is a very friendly cat (they both are).

They are both lovely cats and it would be great if they could be kept together as they have never been apart. I really hope they find a loving home and find someone who can take care of them as they deserve.
Jazzy and Lilly are 8 yr old sisters who were brought into foster a while ago and their foster mum couldn’t bear to part with them but unfortunately hubby is hugely allergic 🙁

They’ve lived with children but we don’t know what they’re like with other cats and they come as a pair as they love each other.
Neutered, chipped, vaccinated plus come with 5 weeks free insurance.

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Domestic long hair

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