Lileth Paltrow

Lileth Paltrow

This is Lileth.

She arrived scared and wouldn’t even have a fuss or come out to say hello, in fact she’d hiss and tell me off.

She enjoyed playing and spent a lot of time coaxing her out of her hiding place. Taking her to the vets for her op (neutering) set her back a bit..But she is now doing really well. She is a talker nags me for food, cries for me to play with her and even to give her a fuss.  She will sit between and on me in the evening, she is quite affectionatewith head bumps.

I think she has a lot of character and has a lot more to show that I have yet to see. She still tells me off, I do listen and we get on fine, it is quite sweet she communicates. She is is very brave.

She doesn’t seem to like other cats, I think she likes people and because she likes company would be good in a family with older kids or with someone who works from home who can give her the attention she needs.


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