Some beautiful tortietude needing a home 💜

Lena was living at a stables in deepest, darkest Wales for a few months and no owner could be found.

“This beautiful little tortie has been with us for the past 3 weeks, she is so adorable with one of her back legs completely ginger and the other one black. Her beautiful shiny coat is like pure silk.

She is super friendly and very chatty. She definitely is a foodie (she even purrs when she eats) and will get you out of bed when it is time for breakfast! She also really enjoys the occasional cooked prawn and smoked salmon.

She loves her treats (Dreamies, Felix) and playing with string. She doesn’t like to be held nor does she like sitting on your lap (yet!) but she will sleep on your legs or back during the night. She likes to be fussed but only on her terms. She enjoys listening to piano playing, it usually makes her fall asleep.

Her favourite place to sleep is under our bed in her little bed away from the light and noises. For this reason Lena would not be comfortable in a loud home and/or with small children or other pets – she hates other cats with a vengeance.  She needs her own calm space as she can get startled by noises even opening a bottle of sparkling water.

Lena would like a home with a secured garden and away from main roads.

She has mastered the litter box and she needs a large, shallow, uncovered litter tray – she absolutely doesn’t like a covered one – well she has to live up to that tortie reputation!”

She’s guesstimated at around one year old, chipped and vaccinated plus comes with 5 weeks free insurance.
Unfortunately we don’t know if she’s spayed but there was no sign of recent kittens so it’s likely she is but..if she shows signs of coming into season BWCR will fund her spay at one of our vets.
She had a minor bout of cat flu due to the stress of arriving in foster so if that recurs with the stress of adoption we’ll also fund any treatment if needed. She should be fine though 🙂


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