If you want a cat with character who is a bit of a challenge, Kiki might be the girl for you! This girl has definitely earned her foster mum’s “Cheeky Kiki” nickname with her antics. One minute you will be shouting at her for pulling all the loo paper off the roll (and not looking at all sorry), the next you are laughing as she “helps” you to make the bed and she dives into a pillow case and starts rolling about and then later she might be on the sofa or bed, purring away as she sucks her fleece blanket and your heart melts.

Kiki is just 2, has a lot of energy and is curious about everything but she does not always react well to strange things or new situations. She came to us because after going to stay with the owner’s friends when they were on holiday, she got so frightened that she started to lash out constantly and could not settle when they returned home so she came into foster with us.

Realising that this little girl was just scared out of her wits, her foster mum set about trying to make her feel safe, gradually introducing her to new things and crucially other cats who she could learn from. Kiki had never been outside before so unusually for a foster situation, she was eventually introduced to going outside so she could run off some energy and experience new things. Initially growling at everything, it has been the making of her. Kiki loves to be outside and will go to some of the neighbours for a fuss. She has also turned into a bit of a magpie and does bring home things she finds, mostly bottle tops, some hair bands and the collars of other cats that she has found (including her own after she lost it, clever girl.)

To give Kiki the right home and get the best out of her, she needs an adult only home with a garden away from busy roads as she will go off exploring. She will also need people who have some cat experience and a lot of patience who are willing to spend the time on her that she will need to settle into a new home with support from her current foster mum. She could be rehomed with other cats but they would need to be fairly robust as Kiki is super playful and can scare a more nervous cat.

Kiki is neutered, chipped and vaccinated. Comes with 5 weeks free insurance.


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