It’s beautiful mama Joon’s turn for a lovely new home 💜

Joon was the terrified young mum who gave birth in the bushes and didn’t know what to do with her kittens when they were born. Once they were untangled by the vet and placed on her, warm and dry, she immediately started feeding them and became a most excellent mama.

From swiping at me and throwing hissy fits, she gradually relaxed and let me tend to her kittens’ wounds. As they grew older and climbed over me and snuggled in my arms, she learnt that I meant them, and her, no harm and she started to headbutt me nervously for a fuss.
Once the kits left for their homes, it was time for Joon to go to another fosterhome where she would get lots more attention :

“Joon is a beautiful but anxious tabby cat. She was very nervous for the first week but finally came out from behind the sofa and now loves to race around the apartment playing with her toy mouse or some string.
She loves to sit next to you on the sofa (or better on the arm of the sofa) and have a little snooze. She can’t wait to go out and explore the great outdoors, so needs a house away from busy roads. Once she trusts you, she’ll be the most loyal companion and a friend for life.”

This little lady deserves all the love in the world now and needs a quiet adult-only home with no other pets.
She’s about 2 yrs, neutered, chipped, vaccinated plus comes with 5 weeks free insurance.

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