6 year old Izzy is a wonderful, golden-hearted (and golden-haired) girl who just wants as much love and attention as she can possibly get. She is constantly purring, and follows you around miaowing for more which she will demand with some firm head bumps and rubbing her head in your hands. She loves to sit on your lap or chest with big purrs of appreciation whilst rubbing her cheeks on you and claiming you as her own!
Izzy is very friendly with visitors and extremely curious but she is scared of loud noises and was bullied by her brother in her previous home so would be best suited to a house with no young children and as an only pet (so she can have all of the attention).
Izzy has always been an indoor puss and suffered with stress cystitis due to children, her brother and even other cats in the garden but since she’s been in foster and away from any triggers she’s been absolutely fine and in seventh heaven 🙂
Neutered, chipped, vaccinated plus comes with 5 weeks free insurance.

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