Heikkie is an 11 yr old kitten who still loves to play!

She did live with another cat, however she doesn’t like to share and gets quite jealous –  she would much prefer to be the only cat and have someone’s undivided attention. She is also very scared of dogs.
She loves peace, quiet … and eating chicken! She is quite timid, but when she is happy around someone, she is quite a character and will happily hold proper conversations, winding herself around ankles and head-butting. She will sit on your lap, especially if you are wearing jeans for some reason…
She’s not crazy about being picked up and grooming does need doing on her terms!
 As she is quite timid, she is not a big explorer, preferring to chase insects in the garden and then watching the world from a safe spot.
She eats dry food (and chicken!!) and has a good appetite. She has a thing for fresh water and follows me when I’m changing the water in her bowl so she can get to it first!
Neutered,  chipped,  vaccinated plus comes with 5 weeks free insurance.

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