Gorgeous George is looking for a quiet, stress-free home.
His owner is ‘gutted’ that she has to give him up but she knows he won’t cope well when a baby arrives in a few months time.
He’s about 12 and she rescued him 5 years ago – he hadn’t been handled much up until then and can still be nervous around people – he especially finds feet a bit scary so he may have been kicked…
He does love company though (one to one suits him just fine) and likes his back stroked and his chin scratched especially when you’re lying in bed with him.
He loves sitting next to you gazing up at you adoringly – his eyesight isn’t perfect due to hitting his head in the past but you’d never know.
He does suffer with IBS but is absolutely fine on a grain-free diet, with no symptoms, and he is insured and that can be transferred to a new owner.

So… our lovely ginge is looking for a garden away from busy roads and a quiet adult-only home with no other pets.
He’s neutered and chipped and still with his owner to save him the extra stress of a move into foster.

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