George is a very chilled out male cat. He is very tolerant of children as I have 3, my youngest being 5 years old. He likes to rub his heads on your hands and lets you know when hes hungry! He greets you when you come home if you call his name and runs from wherever he is for some stroking! When he wants attention he lets you know and wont leave you alone until you’ve rubbed his head, wherever you are! He does come running when you open the fridge door and expects something from there. He will go up on his front legs to see whats in the fridge!

He will need some outside space as he likes to go exploring. Hes not that keen on being picked up and so far he is not a lap cat. He loves sleeping on my bed or on this one cushion we have downstairs! He does keep himself to himself a lot but does love a good stroke now and again. We will all miss him when he goes!

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