8-year-old Freda lives for cuddles and craves company. She was kept in an attic for 4 years with another cat who she didn’t get on with, and is re-adjusting to the wider world and its noises. Perhaps because of this, she is quite timid, is easily startled by noises, and around new people or new things. But she has come out of her shell quite a lot since we’ve had her, from hiding for the first couple of days to following us around every room we go. She isn’t bothered by the hair dryer, dishwasher and washing machine noises anymore, though the vacuum cleaner is still a big scary monster for her.

She absolutely loves her Dreamies and will try and get some of your human food too but isn’t pushy and can easily be gently redirected. She now takes upon herself to move away from us when we eat, and comes back for cuddles when she sees we have finished our meal. In fact, she is amazingly well behaved: litter-trained with no incident in 2 months we’ve had her with us, she doesn’t scratch the furniture (she loves her scratch pole though). Her sweet and loving personality is shining through more and more every day. She does occasionally display the famous tortie paw action but always stops short of hurting, and it mostly ends up as a gentle tap on your hand or arm. She will let you know when it’s play time with a sweet faint meow that’s just irresistible. Currently, she loves chasing a ball of aluminium foil around and up/down the stairs. She likes the laser pointer on and off as she gets quite frustrated by it after a while. Other than play and meal times, she only meows to let you know she brought you a present (she’s taken to bringing us her toy-bird as a ‘kill’). She gently wakes us up in the morning for food with a gentle tap on the arm and faint meow, then will spend most of the day following the sun for her naps.

She will continue to thrive in a quiet home as an only pet, ideally with ‘parents’ who are home most of the time. She doesn’t like being on her own for extended periods of time – perhaps because she was left in a room with little human contact for so long. We don’t know how she is around young children or children in general, but we’ve noticed that the cries of our neighbours’ baby seem to make her wary. After 4 years locked inside, she is not streetwise and would risk getting disorientated or startled if left to roam near noisy roads. But she is showing an increased interest in the outdoors, is very curious of the smells we bring back in on our clothes, and we think she did have access to outdoors in her first 4 years, so a safe garden, well away from busy roads would be ideal for her to spread her paws and exercise her hunting skills.

She will reward gentle, patient and loving owners with endless supplies of affection and amazing cuddles.

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