Doris (b&w) and Delilah(g&w)

Doris (b&w) and Delilah(g&w)

Doris(b&w)and Delilah(g&w)14 weeks old

These two girls were born to a farm cat and sadly were the only 2 to survive from the litter and their mum abandoned them, so they were brought to us to be hand reared.

They have done really well in foster and even though used to human contact from a young age Doris can still be shy when meeting new people and definitely isn’t keen on children, so the girls would need an adult only home or possibly with older teenage children and no other pets.

Both girls are very loving and playful, Doris is very vocal and hyper whereas Delilah is more sedate, they follow their foster mum around the house and like to be involved in everything she’s doing.

The girls are flu carriers but the only symptoms they have had is a runny eye once whilst with us, so would be best they stay in Bristol so we can help with veterinary treatment if needed.

They will need to stay together and need a super safe location and a home with a catflap.

If you think you can offer the girls the loving home they deserve please email the rescue on [email protected] to apply.


We’re really pleased that you’d like to proceed with an adoption application. Before you fill out the form below, please make sure you’ve read our Adopt page so that you are familiar with our process.

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