Well just look at who’s ready for a  new super duper extra special home 💜 Digger!!

After all his bad past experiences – shut in a tiny flat for 6 years and tormented and traumatised by screaming children, with no escape, he’s decided to give humans a second chance.
He has turned into the softest, soppiest boy who loves a fuss and snuggles under the duvet.
He is still worried by new things and is hand shy around his head as he’s obviously been hit but his transformation has been amazing.
The only time you see his teeth now are when he takes your hand gently in his mouth and holds it there because he wants you near 🙂

He needs a quieter home with no children of any age, no other pets, a day or two to settle in and a garden away from busy roads as he’s never been outdoors but would like the chance to explore a little.
He’s been an absolute star and even loves his belly rubbed and his paws stroked – he is such a big baby now and deserves the very best home in the world!
6 yrs old, neutered, chipped, vaccinated plus comes with 5 weeks free insurance.


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6 – 7 years



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