They call me flooftastic 💜

Diamond is a beautiful 5 year old tortoiseshell cat who has been wonderful to foster. She is part Norwegian Forest cat, which gives her an exotic mystique and a lovely thick coat of fur. She loves to sit curled up next to you in the evenings and will often roll over to let you stroke her belly while she makes air biscuits in delight. She also loves to play, and will happily chase around a laser pen or ball, but is also content being left to her own devices to relax on a comfortable chair.
She would like garden away from busy roads, to give her some room to explore, and is quite calm so would be happy around some gentle children. She has lived with 3 other cats previously with no problems. She is not fussy with food and has had no problems using a litter tray. Due to her long fur, she would require some regular brushing, which luckily she also enjoys. She has been given up due to her original owner being taken ill, she is looking for a forever home that can give her plenty of love.
Neutered, chipped,  had first vaccination plus comes with 5 weeks free insurance.

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