Dennis & Denzel & Dolly & Dotty

Dennis & Denzel & Dolly & Dotty

More kittens from Avonmouth 💜

Luckily we managed to trap their feral mum whilst she was pregnant and she gave birth to these cuties in foster.

“Dennis, Denzel, Dolly and Dotty – looking for homes in pairs.

These cute bundles of joy were born on the 27th February to one of the ferals that we trapped at Avonmouth.
They charge around chasing each other and at times they appear to play more like dogs chasing their own tails! They are a definite trip hazard, ruling the house and expecting you to get out of their way 😹
As soon as they wake up and see you they charge over purring like little steam engines wanting a fuss.
Their favourite toys are a ball in a tube and a feather on a stick and they will, play for hours – they’re terrible timewasters!
Dainty Dolly (the one with more black on her face) is a little timid but is getting braver day by day with the help of her siblings. They would be ok with older children and need a garden away from busy roads.”
They are all chipped and have had their 1st vaccination plus come with 5 weeks free insurance.

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