Clementine (tortie) and Carter(black)

Clementine (tortie) and Carter(black)


Clementine (tortie) and Carter(black)
These four fur babies came in to foster after being found outside with their mum, mummy did such a good job of looking after them that they were only spotted when they were about 5 weeks old.
Some lovely people persevered and managed to catch 3 of them but it took an extra week to catch Clementine.
When the first 3 came in to foster they were understandably terrified but with weeks of patience, love and gaining their trust they are now loving a fuss, sitting on a lap and playing with toys.
They will never be the bravest kittens and will get easily spooked at loud noises and people walking in to a room though only until they realise it’s their foster mum.
What can we say about Clementine, when she came in to foster she was like a tasmanian devil, hissing, spitting and growling, if you could get near enough to touch her or cuddle she wouldn’t bite or scratch and her foster mum even got in some kisses, after 4 weeks she decided she doesn’t mind a fuss(see attached video) or a warm lap to sit on but its all on her terms and if cornered she will still give an occasional hiss.
As these babies haven’t had the best start they need very specific homes, so no children or not a home where children are planned in the future, must have a catflap with a safe garden and preferably people with experience of timid kittens.
They will definitely need to have a bonding room set up as they may well revert back to the shy kittens that first arrived but hopefully if their new owners are happy to take the time they will bond with them.
The kittens need to go in pairs, so Clementine as the shyest will go with Carter as he is the bravest and then Calico and  Carson.

If you think you can offer two of these babies the perfect home and are willing to give them the time to show you their true personalities, please email the rescue on [email protected] to arrange a home check.


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