Buddy in the sink being a cool dude 😃
He’s a big lad, two yrs old in November.
He’s lovely and enjoys a fuss, can be picked up and plonked on your lap for kisses and cuddles but when he gets bored he sees you as the world’s biggest cat toy!
His ears go back and he stalks you and leaps on you for the kill – he never breaks the skin and a firm ‘no’ mostly stops him though sometimes it’s several ‘noes’ in increasing volume 😂😂
His size makes him a bit intimidating until you realise he’s actually not half as brave as he thinks he is. Once he’s in a new home with access to outside he’ll be fine – he just needs more to occupy him.
He definitely needs a cat-savvy owner and no young children or other pets but if you like a cat with character he’s lovely – he’s also very vocal.
A garden away from busy roads is a must too.
He’d be staying if fostermum didn’t already have too many moggies!
Neutered, chipped, vaccinated plus comes with 5 weeks free insurance.

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