Bobby is a magnificent Tom cat with the sweetest meow. His fur is as soft as silk and there is not a bad bone in his body. The resident feline was a bit of a hiss monster but he just took it in his stride and just wandered on through she was extremely frustrated. Bobby has had a really tough life. He had been living rough for at least the last 4-5 years in the local area and became progressively unwell. We managed to catch him and he has become a much loved temporary resident. He has had a lot of veterinary treatment he had cat flu, a chest infection, was underweight, matted all over and had terrible teeth. He has had treatment for his chest infection, his cat flu symptoms are a thing of the past but he will always be a carrier of cat flu, he has had all his teeth removed so the worst he can do is gum you to death. When he went in for his teeth op the vet phoned and said she “had noticed he had a rather magnificent pair of testicles and did he want to keep them” I said no so he had them removed at the same time. My son pointed out that he was going to be very careful the next time he went to the dentist. Bobby had blood tests and his kidneys heart and liver are all fine. He does have a heart murmur also but it certainly does not cause him any issues.
Bobby has a beautiful coat and loves a comb he goes into a trance and to his happy place, he is very very friendly and likes to be close and lots of strokes are a must. If you need a break all you have to do is put your hands underneath your legs and say lie down and he will settle down happily. He has taken all his medication in his food without any issues. He is fine with the litter tray it took a little while for him to settle and we had a few accidents. He is great in the car he almost seems to enjoy it and is really calm at the vets. He found his purr after a few weeks of good food (it is now in full flow) and warmth and he has just started to play with toys. He is a very happy chilled out cat.
I now have trouble getting out of bed as he sleeps with me overnight and if I try to get out he is very good at maintaining contact like a man on a spinning tree trunk in a fast flowing river. He head butts to get attention and understands the words no, food, lie down and get down.
There are a couple of stray cat issues he loves to shred a bin bag and indeed dive into a bin (you never know there could be treasure) and he will if allowed get on the sides in the kitchen. His medical history may seem daunting but honestly I can say he is one of the most lovely cats I have every fostered and I can honestly say to you life will be enhanced and fundamentally changed by adopted this very special boy. All he will want is plenty of love, warmth and food. in return he will love you to bits and trap you in your bed. There are worse things you know.

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