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Blue is 7 and came to us as a kitten with his brother, Diddy. All was well until we had to move house a year later. We moved about a 3-minute walk away. Diddy transitioned very easily, but 6 years later, sadly Blue still won’t accept our home as his home.
He is territorial and is King Cat on our old road. It hasn’t helped that people in one house feed him and let him sleep there. We’ve tried everything to bring him home: locking him in for up to 3 weeks on numerous occasions, giving him amazing treats, using Feliway, even putting butter on his paws! But he just disappears back to his old haunt, and he doesn’t come home to us for weeks at a time. In summer, he doesn’t come home at all.
This situation obviously makes us sad. And in the houses on our old road, Blue isn’t necessarily welcome – quite understandably. He does tailgate other cats through their cat flaps and eat their food 🙀
He loves a stroke on his head and gets all purry, he’ll also eat treats from your hand and is happy to be picked up. He’d be fine with older children but absolutely hates dogs!
He’ll need a garden away from busy roads and really needs a home where he can be happy and settled.
Neutered, chipped  vaccinated plus comes with 5 weeks free insurance.
Blue is still with his owner (or the neighbours!) as we have no space.

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