Blossom is a very sweet, affectionate cat with the softest fluffiest fur. She loves human company and will follow you around and greet you at the door when you get home. She adores strokes and chin scratches and will nose at a hand that has neglected its duties. She hasn’t yet become a lap cat while being fostered but has shown signs that she could be in the future, as she sometimes stands on a lap to get more strokes, so she might just need a bit more time to settle in. She’ll happily spend hours lying next to you on the sofa within easy reach for all the attention she loves. She likes being brushed too, to keep that lovely fur in good condition. She loves her food and isn’t a fussy eater at all, she’s always hungry! She also enjoys looking out of the window at the world going by. She’s approximately 12 years old but acts more like a big kitten sometimes, chasing balls around and jumping in cardboard boxes. She’d like a safe garden away from busy roads.

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