Billy and Kiki

Billy and Kiki

A very special indoor home is needed for Billy and Kikki 🙂
Billy is a huge, totally deaf Maine Coon about 3 yrs old.
He’s adorable but sooo clumsy – he deliberately and accidentally knocks things onto the floor and can easily reach the kitchen worktops when he stands on his hind legs!
He’ll barge his way through blinds to watch the birds and is totally unaware of the wave of destruction he sometimes leaves 🤣
He loves a fuss and being brushed and needs space – stairs to charge up and down, rooms to explore and a safe outdoor space like a cat run would be perfect.
He loves to be involved with everything you do so someone with time to spend with this dopey buffoon would be perfect. His fostermum says it’s like leaving two toddlers home alone all day!
The second toddler is Kikki, about 3 years; much smaller than Billy she is his ears and they love each other though he can flatten her at times – he apologises by licking her!
Kikki loves to play, will squeal with delight at a piece of string and scoops water with her floofy feet to drink.
Unfortunately Kikki had cat flu with her breeder and has permanent damage to her nose and eyes 🙁 She’s always a bit sneezy and can get worse with stress, she also needs her eyes wiping every day. BWCR are happy to fund any flu-related issues for her at one of our vets. Rehoming her will no doubt set off a relapse but once she’s calm and settled she’ll be much better.

So..they need no other pets, older children only, someone with time to spend with them and lots of space. And you’d best put any valuables and breakables well out of Billy’s way!
Both are neutered, chipped, vaccinated plus come with 5 weeks free insurance.


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