Bertie & Alfie

Bertie & Alfie

Ginger Twosome (Clevedon)

This friendly pair of strawberry blonde chaps came to us from a very loving home, where unfortunately they had to be rehoused due to severe family allergies. They’re great company for one another with their own personalities, and would be good in most homes so long as there is somewhere to retreat to when it gets a bit too loud. You’ll soon find them sneaking up onto the bed for cuddles in the middle of the night. They’re both sunbathers and so a warm spot is much appreciated!

Bertie (a brave three-legged longhair) is conflicted between whether he wants to be shy or get all of the strokes – and usually chooses the latter. With a ferocious appetite for dreamies, give him a couple and you’ll have soon made a firm new friend. He’s understandably a bit wary of noises and sudden movements and so likes to have a cuddly spot to hide in much of the time. However, as soon as he starts to be stroked behind his ears he’ll (literally) fall for you and be putty in your hands!

Alfie (a cuddly four-legged shortish hair) may have a secret life a professional escapologist. A short stint in a cone proved that if he sets his mind to it he can reach anywhere and escape from anything. This vocal kitty likes his food (and sometime some of Bertie’s too), and will excitedly nudge you until you give in to his requests. He’s a soft boy and will commence purring almost as soon as you touch him!

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