And we have another Bella 💜

Bella is a sweet cat around 5 years old who came to us due to stress at her previous home. Her owners reported spraying and stress cystitis due to foxes and other cats in the area. Since she has been in her fosterhome she’s been absolutely fine with no signs of stress at all – the only accidents were when a litter was used that she didn’t like, fair cop!

She’s a lovely, confident, vocal little cat who loves to play and is taking great interest in the front door so will need a safe garden away from busy roads to explore. She’s quite independent and can entertain herself but has curled up on the bed and loves to come and say hello in the evening before rushing off to play with something she’s found.

She is a real fan of being under or in things to relax, she loves her cat teepee so would recommend something similar for her in her new home. She’s very curious and loves to give you a good lick when you come and say hello. She tolerates being picked up for a short amount of time and will chase after a handful of Dreamies. She gets a case of the Zoomies at least once a day soon and would love a chance to get rid of some of that energy!

Ideally, she would suit a quiet home, perhaps someone looking for an independent cat or somewhere with older children that love to play with her but understand she isn’t much for lap sitting right now (there are signs this might change as she gets to know you).

Neutered, chipped, had first vaccination plus comes with 5 weeks free insurance

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