Arlo & Gus

Arlo & Gus

Cat name: Arlo & Gus

Cat age: 2 (Arlo) & 1 (Gus)

Cat colour: Tabby/white & black/white

Cat breed: DSH

Location: Bristol

Good with children? Older children only (10+)

Good with cats? No

Good with dogs? No

Need outside space? Yes

Chipped? Yes

Vaccination status: None

Neutered? Yes

The biography:

Neutered and chipped 2 year old father Arlo (tabby & white) & 1 year old son Gus (black & white). Arlo is confident and loves fuss while Gus is quite shy but making good progress. Both have lovely natures but would not suit young children as Arlo especially is excitable and likes to nip occasionally. They love their food but are greedy at the moment so mealtimes and food availability need to be carefully managed but both are making progress. They have lived with another cat but are best as a pair on their own.

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