Anyone up for a handsome but neurotic bundle of floof ☺?

Meet 13 year old Turkish Van cat, Archie – he is a bit of a sensitive soul, and can’t live with other pets or children. He was adopted 7 years ago from an RSPCA rescue centre, where he couldn’t have another cat in the pen next to him because he attacked them through the perspex, and he is frequently in fights with the local cats and has a tendency to jump on dogs too 😬

He’s been a one-person cat, used to a quiet life and needs someone around all day as he suffers from separation anxiety. Feliway helps but it really depends on who you to choose to look after him when you’re away and how much he decides he likes that lucky person! When he’s stressed he can overgroom and do the occasional dirty protest on the floor but he’s fine once his slave returns.
He’s very vocal and affectionate and likes to wind himself round your legs for attention and is a bit of a “character”!

Archie does like to go outside and patrol his territory when the weather is up to his standards so needs a garden away from busy roads and preferably no neighbouring cats he can duff up – at 13 hopefully he’ll be too old for such shenanigans soon! Like a lot of longhaired cats he’s a bit prone to hair balls and also suffers with flea allergic dermatitis so needs regular monthly flea treatments. His owner is heartbroken at having to give him up but major life changes mean he can’t go with her sadly.
Neutered, chipped

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