Glamourous delicate little Agnes came to us with her teeny kittens in late July, she settled in straight away trilling all around the house. The vet estimates her to be around 2 years old and now she’s raised her 3rd and final litter she deserves to relax and be pampered once she has been spayed.
She is very sweet-natured and inquisitive although shows little interest in sitting on the sofa with us unless we have treats. She seems to prefer being away from the hustle and bustle of the house (especially if we have visitors) and doesn’t come to us looking for attention. However, if you go to her she will purr loudly and roll over as soon as you start stroking her and she loves to be brushed. She doesn’t mind being picked up or us handling her tufty paws (though occasionally she has warned us off touching her tum with a swipe).
Now that she’s not on kitten duty she has started to play and show us her jumping skills with the feather fishing rod toy. She spends a fair amount of time wistfully staring out of the catflap or perusing garden life from her window perch and will be so thrilled to have a home with outdoor access. We don’t know how she’ll be with other cats, although she was still living with one of her older kittens before coming to us.

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