Ahhhh independent Acorn. This lad was picked up as a stray, being fed by a local cafe. He was un-neutered but does display signs of living in a home before, so we think he was probably a male that wandered too far from home and got lost. He is a big lad, with tattered ears, so he has probably been living on the streets for a while. He has taken time to adjust to living in a home – he finds us humans very strange, and will often just sit and watch you. He’s very independent, and doesn’t seek affection, however, if you approach Acorn and read his body language, he will accept a nice scratch on his head and his ears. He does enjoy this, and gets quite into it!
Although Acorn isn’t a lap cat, he is a gentle giant. He will hiss if you approach him too quickly or get too close, but once you’ve spent a bit of time getting to know him, you’ll be able to read his body language to decide if he is in the mood for cuddles or not. If he’s not, he will simply walk away from you – he truly is a gentleman and has never batted, swiped or shown any aggression. However, he would be suited to an experienced, adults only home, as he wants a quiet life and needs someone who can take time to get to know him and respect his need for space.
Acorn has shown himself to be a big fan of catnip, and likes to play with certain toys – he will happily bat a ball around and hunt a feather on a stick, but his favourite toy is his cuddly banana. You’ll hear him playing at night, and he will often bring his banana to bed with him once he’s tired from all the play.
Although he’s been straying, he’s proven himself to be a delicate soul, and he doesn’t react to favourably to any sudden changes in diet. This can give him a bit of an upset tum, so any changes in food need to be introduced slowly. He prefers dry food, and will happily much on biscuits all day; however, he does expect some wet food in the morning and the evening – he’s had a hard life on the streets, after all. Acorn does like to sit on the window sill and look outside, so he needs a safe garden to explore.
If you’re looking for companionship but prefer your lap to be cat free, Acorn is the big bundle of fluff for you!

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