Ace and Bella

Ace and Bella

A special home is needed for Ace as he has a heart condition, most likely hypertrophic cardiomyopathy. At the moment he’s on anticoagulants and will require regular vet checks and possibly further meds in years to come. Sadly this condition will shorten his lifespan. BWCR are happy to fund his meds and check ups at Fernlea vets in Kingswood or Hanham to ensure he gets the best possible care.
Ace is a gentle mini panther, he likes the occasional cuddle (on his terms) and enjoys being around you. He is a purr box and his eyes are stunning! He also love a good belly rub!
He is very good friends with Bella and they need to stay together. Little is known about his background but Ace would love a quiet home with a garden to explore.

Bella is a bundle of mischief; she loves to play (particularly if the game involves a ball or feather) and she will explore everything she can!
Bella is best friends with Ace so they must stay together. Please read the information on Ace as he has a heart condition.
Bella would benefit from a quiet home with outside space to explore.
She isn’t a lap cat but she likes to be in the same room as you and she will come up to you when she wants a stroke!
On occasion Bella can get a bit over excited and try to play with your fingers. She is learning that fingers are not toys but for this reason she would be better with older rather than younger children.


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